Where is the Villa Amphitheatre located?

The amphitheatre is located from Fresh Market Brazil de Mora, 600 meters west.

Can I arrive by bus?

Take the Colon City bus at Coca Cola (San Jose), get off at Fresh Market Brazil de Mora. Walk 600 meters west. You can also go by Uber.

What are the tour prices?

Children: 4-12 years old: ₡6,000
Senior Citizens: ₡6,000
Adults: ₡7,500


What are your business hours?

Tours Schedule

Closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

11:00 A.M. a 09:00 P.M.
(last tour of the day 8:00PM)

Friday and Saturday
11:00 A.M. a 11:00 P.M.
(last tour of the day 9:20PM)

09:00 A.M. a 08:00 P.M.
(last tour of the day 7:00PM)

Restaurants Schedule

Closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

11:00 A.M. a 09:00 P.M.
(Last food order 08:00 P.M.)

Friday and Saturday
11:00 A.M. a 11:00 P.M.
(Last Food order 10:00 P.M.)

09:00 A.M. a 08:00 P.M.
Brunch: 09:00 AM a 12:00 P.M.
(Last food order 07:00 P.M.)

How long is the tour?

Each tour lasts approximately 35 minutes.

How often are the tours?

Thursday and Friday tours leave every 20 minutes, Saturday and Sunday leave every 10 minutes.

Do you need to make a reservation for the tour?

Yes, the space is subject to prior reservation, online purchase for the Canvern tours, Restaurant reservations via Whatsapp.

Tickets for the Cavern tours can be bought in the “Tours”section or in the “Pre-sale tickets”section of this website.

Is there wheelchair access?
Yes, and we also have wheelchairs available in case you need one. We recommend you bring someone to help you. This person will need to purchase a ticket as well.
What are your payment options?
Cash, credit or debit cards are accepted.
Are pets allowed?
Yes, pets are allowed under their owner’s responsibility, with their respective leash, food and clean up.
Can a Senior citizen take the tour?

Yes, but it will depend on their physical ability. You will need to be able to walk 500 meters.

Do you have restaurants?

Yes. We currently have two restaurants, Terrazas del Cañón Restaurant, where we serve meat, chicken, seafood and pastas. Fontana de Trevi Restaurant, where we serve Italian style pizzas.

What are the food prices at your restaurant?
In Terrazas del Cañón Restaurant prices are around ₡7,000 to ₡12,000.

In Fontana de Trevi Restaurant los precios prices are around ₡9,000 to ₡11,000.

What can you see on the tour?

On the tour you can enjoy 6 underground themed rooms, in which you will find art and history.

We are not a museum but an experience of an underground tour with unique themes that take you to magical places.

How can I make a reservation for the restaurant?

Restaurant reservations are made via WhatsApp to our numbers:
(+506) 8403-4545(+506) 8874-6079

What is the maximum capacity for events in the Villa Amphitheatre?

The Villa Amphitheatre has a capacity of 600 people.

Can you have private events in the Amphitheatre?

Yes you can have private events but need to check availability.

For more information you can send us a WhatsApp message to our numbers:
(+506) 8403-4545(+506) 8874-6079

Are the Caverns of Virilla illuminated?
What type of clothes do you need for the tour?

Comfortable clothes and shoes of your preference, in which you will walk for at least 500 meters.

What was this place before it became the Villa Amphitheatre?

It was an abandoned quarry that had a concrete plant that produced too much pollution for the people that live around it and seriously damaged the environment. It wasn’t useful land.

Who made the Caverns or were they already there?

The caverns were Benito Dessard’s children’ idea. They saw their friend Ruben Dario Monslave, a Columbian artist, make a high relief on the wall and told their father “wouldn’t it be cool if one could go inside a mountain and hide behind a work in progress” From this idea, Benito created the Caverns of Virilla.

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